WalmartCarePlan Review – Is It Worth the Extra Money?

walmartcareplan review

What is WalmartCarePlan and Extended Warranty Protection?

Most retailers offer some type of warranty and extended care plan.  Consumers tend to be wary of these because of all of the limitations and restrictions.  Often, the fine print makes it not worth the cost to purchase. Some companies are notorious for finding loopholes around to avoid honoring these plans. Does WalmartCarePlan fit into this category?  Do they really make good on their promises? First, let’s take a look at the actual plan that they offer their customers.

The WalmartCarePlan is issued to customers through a company that is called Asurion.  This insurer is located in Nashville Tennessee.  Their primary function is to fulfill extended warranties on products they don’t manufacture themselves. They offer two ways for consumers to report claims.  One is through their online program called the ‘Solutions Hub”.  The other is by calling them directly and speaking with a representative.  The second option is most popular.  It lets you file a warranty claim over the phone. Some customers have reported that Asurion is fast to handle legitimate claims on extended warranties. They don’t fuss with small details.

Even when an electronic device can inexpensively be repaired by a local shop.  Their preference is to have you ship it back as a return.  Often, they will send you a new item to replace the damaged or defective one. The boxes they use as shipping containers are large and well padded.  This insures there is no additional damage to the item during the shipping process. In some cases, Asurion will make repairs but this is left to their discretion.


Should You Buy a WalmartCarePlan?

Only you can decide if you should buy an extended warranty. Points to consider before buying an extended warranty include:

  • Value of item being purchased
  • Price of extended warranty
  • Length of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Length of extended warranty and date coverage begins
Most TV manufacturer warranties cover parts and labor for one year from the purchase date. So, it’s important to know how long the manufacturer’s warranty is before deciding on an extended warranty. Extended warranties can cover a TV for years.  Be aware, coverage for extended warranties begins the day you buy the warranty. If you bought the extended warranty at the same time you bought your TV, this means that your new TV is covered by two warranties for its first year. Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’ll be covered solely by the extended warranty.
The first year might seem like you’re paying for two services but only getting protection from one. So, why not just start the extended warranty after the manufacturer’s warranty expires?  That’s a fair question—but keep in mind that extended warranties tend to pick up the slack for manufacturer’s warranties.  They’re a lot more customer-focused than a typical manufacturer’s warranty.  Determining the value of an extended warranty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, it offers security and peace of mind knowing their investment is protected long after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Others believe it’s a worthless product sold only to raise profits while appearing to provide a value.

Your Responsibilities under the WalmartCarePlan

Any time that you purchase the Walmart protection plan, it’s important that you remember to save a copy of the receipt for the covered item. You will need this if you have to file a claim. This is the best way to get an instant response and to expedite the services. Aside from this, all you are required to do is to tell the customer service representative why you’re calling, the nature of the problem or complete the claims form that is found on the website. It’s important that you are honest with the representative with information that is accurate to the best of your knowledge about how the item became damaged. It’s also important to file your claim as soon as possible after you become aware that the product is broken, damaged or in some other way defective.


WalmartCarePlan – What is Actually Covered?

Some of the covered situations may or may not include power surge damage.  That can happen when there is an electrical spike in your utility service.  If you’ve purchased the extended warranty on a computer, television, kitchen or laundry appliance, read the fine print.  These items can be damaged in this manner.  So, make sure you’re covered before signong up. Mechanical and electrical failures are usually covered. If you have accidental damage in your plan it will cover electronics which are damaged fram handling accidents.

This includes drops, spilling beverages on the item, cracked screens on phones and laptops and other portable electronics. Televisions which experience pixel failure or burn in are also covered. This is identified by a small spot on the screen that shouldn’t be there. The warranty plan can also cover some kinds of wear and tear.  This is when an item doesn’t hold up during normal use during the period covered under the warranty extension. You can even purchase an extended warranty plan on eligible refurbished items.  This can give  you further confidence about an item that has been restored before you buy it.


What Is Not Covered by WalmartCarePlan?

Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and power surges are at the top of the list of things that might not be covered.  Many people have been burned by salespersons’ claims about extended warranties. These greedy salespeople are partially at fault, of course, but you, as a consumer, must be proactive and informed with any purchase you make, too. There might be an enormous difference between what you think the extended warranty should protect and what it actually does.  Forget what the salesperson tells you the warranty covers. Forget what your friends tell you. The bottom line is that the extended warranty will cover only what is detailed in the terms and conditions for the policy you purchase.

Read the fine print before buying any extended warranty, no matter how trustworthy the person or company selling the warranty appears to be. Ask questions when you are unclear; get clarification in writing if you don‘t see the protection listed in the warranty‘s terms and conditions. It’s your money being spent, not theirs.

Read the Fine Print and Ask Questions

Another responsibility under the plan is to read the fine print.  Make certain that you understand the terms and the conditions of the coverage that you’re purchasing. If you’re not sure about what you’re told when the offer for an extended warranty is made, then ask questions until you are satisfied. Some important facts to be aware of are, what is covered and what is not. Some warranties are limited so you need to make sure that it is worth the cost to receive the extension of guarantee. For example, is the power cord covered?

Is it covered if you drop it or if it sustains water damage? Become familiar with the scope of the coverage being offered because this can vary from one item to another. Another limitation that you need to be aware of is the expiration date of the warranty. This is another factor that can help you to decide if the cost is worth the potential benefits. Extended warranties are much like insurance, because that’s what they are.  You hope that you won’t need to use them.  But, if you do, it’s nice to have a solid warranty and protection plan in place.


Asurion & WalmartCarePlan Reviews

Asurion review – Don’t use them!!!! 

“I have a GE range that they keep paying to repair which is costing them MORE that paying me what I paid for it and being through with the claim. The control board has been replaced twice which they say part cost $300 and now there is another one to be put on and another $300 for a total of $900!!!! Not counting the labor charge to do it. I paid $1100.00 for the range. Due your math!!!! What would be the most logical thing to do???? Been without an oven off and on since August and completely without since Dec. and no one cares. Poor customer service and no common sense.” Debbie – Georgia, January 2020

WalmartCarePlan – TERRIBLE… 

“So I purchased a Lawn Mower from WalMart the cashier asked if I would like a protection plan for 3 years that would cover the Lawn Mower if anything went wrong of course that is a No Brainer so I said Yes, was not told if anything SPECIFIC went wrong I was told if ANYTHING went wrong so of course 2 years and 11 months go by and now my mower will not start I am a stickler for preventive maintenance so when Asurion tells me that it is because I have put bad gas in my mower or let the mower set with gas in it which has damaged the Carburetor it is hard for me to believe since I drain my mower each fall and put fresh gas in it every summer Asurion shame on you for False Advertising and WalMart Shame on you for not training your employees to exactly know about what a Scam this Protection Plan is …… “

WalmartCarePlan – WARRANTY IS A JOKE

“My husband has purchased a laptop and a phone, both with warranties, at Walmart. I told him to go to a reputable electronics store, but he didn’t . With both products, he purchased warranties, and both products broke-surprise!  When the phone broke, we called the warranty company.  The message on the call literally says, “If you’re calling to register your product, you do NOT have to register,” then then the first thing the customer service person says is, “We can’t find your warranty. You need to register.” I am not kidding.”

“Totally ridiculous! Took them 25 minutes to find that we purchased a product and warranty; then we’re told we’ll get an email right away giving us instructions on how to send in the phone, and they’ll send us a new phone.””We did not get an email, so we call them back a week later, and they have no record of us calling, no record of us purchasing a phone or warranty. We go through the whole thing again, then they finally send us a phone, but it is a completely different phone than we bought and it came with a Straight talk plan that we never signed up for. I can’t talk to them again. Seriously thinking of dropping the thing in the river.  There is no pride, no quality, left. What a shame!”

WalmartCarePlan – Do NOT purchase the Accident Protection Plan

“Prior to receipt of the product a refund was requested as the gift recipient did not desire this particular tablet. Item was returned in store on 12/16/19.  On that same day, a confirmation email was sent to my main email address that all items would be refunded shortly.  However, we were told by Walmart associates that the protection plan would likely take a few days to refund. Although I received a refund for the iPad, I still have yet to receive a refund for the Protection Plan.

This is despite repeated communications with Walmart Customer Service for this particular issue.  I have received responses from 3 separate Walmart associates.  Each time they request me to wait even longer than the last response for a refund. The most recent response alleged some ambiguous “billing department delayed response time”.  This hadn’t been noted in the previous responses.  Regardless, they requested that I wait even longer.  It’s already been more than OVER FOUR WEEKS since the successful return of the item.”


Is the WalmartCarePlan Worth the Money?

There are some consumers who have had negative experiences with the plan and if you ask them for their opinions some will tell you that it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.  But, there are far more who would disagree with this assessment. In any large corporation, there are likely to be issues with some of the staff who handle the claims processing.  But, from what we gathered, there were a few consumers who did not receive satisfaction from their warranty plans.  We also read the reviews of a much higher percentage of satisfied consumers who were very pleased with the process.

They were happy to report that everything went off without a hassle.  Further, Asurion was prompt and courteous when it came to the handling of their claims. From the data we’ve analyzed, it is our firm belief that the warranty and protection plan that Walmart offers has benefits.  Especially, if you experience a failure in an eligible item.  We are gauging our opinions strictly upon a review of the available information about consumer satisfaction.  We believe that it’s peace of mind and  is worth the cost in case it’s needed.


Do you Actually Need Protection?

For the most part, the answer is no. The out-of-pocket cost for most repairs does not often exceed the price of the service plan you’re buying, depending on the device. I would recommend only buying protection in these scenarios, and even then, really consider your options first:

  • TVs over $2000
  • Computers and laptops over $1500
  • Home theater setups over $2000

Common repairs don’t often exceed the price of service plans. And if you are going to buy a protection plan, get it from Walmart and really take your needs, use, and financial situation into account before buying into a program that you’ll likely never use.


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Conclusion – Consider Your Intended Use

Consider where you’ll be using the item and imagine the worst possible damage that could happen to it. Do you have kids or pets? Do you host wild parties or plan on moving your TV from room to room or house to house? Will your TV be used in a college dorm room? In these cases, extended warranties may be well worth the extra expense.


What about credit cards that claim to have accident protection and/or extended warranty protection? I haven’t seen good results anytime I’ve tried to use one of these services. They invariably wanted me to take my device to a repair center that was not conveniently located and leave it there for diagnostics, then return later to pick it up. It always ended up being too much trouble considering the cost of replacing the device or repairing it on my own.



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